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The bins tipper is designed for handling and overturning bins containing food products of vegetable nature. The structure of the machine is completely in AISI 304. The planetary gearmotors used allow an increase in the production cycle of 20% compared to traditional machines, together with energy savings of about 90%, also due to the use of a regenerative inverter which feeds the current generated by the motors of the tipper in the return phase. The energy input for the movement of the entire machine has been reduced from 50 kW for those with piston operation, to the current 33 kW. The tipper consists of four parts:


The bins are loaded and moved forward to the decrater with the help of a trolley. This trolley slides along two hexagonal tracks, the movement is carried out by means of chain transmission with the aid of a planetary gearbox. The advancement of the bins forward during the movement of the trolley takes place through the dragging of pallets moved in opening and closing by a pneumatic piston.


The bins overturning machine is completely automatic both for depalletizing and palletizing large plastic or wooden containers (bins). On the upper part there is a hopper for guiding the product contained in the bins and a shower for washing the same. The overturning of the system takes place by means of two planetary gearmotors complete with encoders with servo-electric drives control.


The emptied bins are positioned by a stacker, the trolley allows the advancement to then facilitate the withdrawal.


The bins tilting machine is controlled, in every function, by an automatic system that is equipped with memories that remain active even in case of lack of power supply, remembering in this way the point of interruption of the cycle and allowing to restart the cycle exactly from the point of interruption. The machine complies with the EC Machinery Directive. It is made of AISI 304L stainless steel.

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