Box Tippers

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The box tipper is an emptying machine. This technology was born from the need to empty cans full of product and grind the contents. The machine has an infeed belt that fits into a path made up of rubber hands that have the task of taking the box and emptying it with a 180° rotation. The upper part has a box washing phase in the post-emptying phase before unloading into the special belt connected to the press.

The adjustment of the box tilting machine is manual, with a lever on the side it is possible to adjust the chosen format. The unloaded product is in turn shredded and conveyed to an accumulation tank ready to be processed. The shredding part is optional depending on the use. The shredder in particular presents the possibility of shredding up to the size of 5x5mm. The connection system, with the upper part of the tipper, allows the discharge directly into the hopper where the conveyed product is broken up.

The entire system, including the tank where the final product ends up, has an automated washing system that can be managed in its phases from the panel.



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