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Piston Filler machines are extremely flexible linear filling machines for automated dosing of products mixed with pieces, low viscosity liquids and high viscosity liquids, such as creams or pastes. The structure of the machine is built entirely in AISI 304L stainless steel, while the parts in contact with the product are in AISI 316L stainless steel. The polymers used are strictly compliant with chemical and thermal exposures, compatible with the reagents used for sanitization.

Piston Filler is equipped with automatic linear piston dispensers designed to add efficiency to any production line used in the food, beverage or other sectors such as cosmetics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The appropriately designed dispensers are easily interchangeable, made in different shapes according to the type of product to be treated, the result and evolution of a long experience.

Formats range from volumes of 28 up to 5000 ml and can be divided into:

  • Jars, bottles, cylindrical or shaped glass bottles.
  • Jars, tinplate and/or aluminium metal boxes.
  • Buckets, tubs, rigid containers in plastic material.

The machine complies with the EC Machinery Directive. The quick and easy disassembly of the dosing station, the simple setting of the washing cycle, determines conditions of perfect sanitation.


  • PRODUCTS: LEAKS up to 25 MM – Juices, condiments, sauces, jam, ketchup, mayonnaise, condensed milk, oil, pet food, baby food, soups, pates, pestos, tomato puree, creams, pastes  
  • FORMATS: FROM 28 TO 5000 ml

Each solution designed by Co.Mi. can be fully customized according to the production needs of the customer.



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