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The pasteurization and cooling tunnel is suitable to carry out a thermal treatment of heating and cooling on the packages in continuous passage through distribution of nebulized water, with a shower system, on food products with PH lower than 4.4.

Generally, the plant is made up of a modular type supporting structure, made up of sections in AISI 304 stainless steel and a series of support feet flanged together. Inside are placed the sliding surfaces of the containers and the water distribution manifold with showers. The upper part is closed with sealed lids that can be removed for cleaning and inspection.

Heating system with corrugated shell and tube heat exchangers are housed within a shell.  The tubes have a corrugated surface to maximize heat transfer efficiency by optimizing the turbulence regime of the flows. The shroud is equipped with a multi-wave expansion joint to protect the unit from damage resulting from thermal stresses. The connections to the process are provided for direct flanging to the tube plates on the tube side and for flanging to opposing radial spouts on the shell side. Construction is totally stainless steel with no internal gaskets.

The circulation of the treatment water is ensured by electric pumps with cooled sealing chamber, suitable for conveying clean or slightly turbid liquids. The advancement of the packages takes place by means of a conveyor belt with an automatic locking system to facilitate the installation.

Each solution designed by Co.Mi. can be fully customized according to the production needs of the customer



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