Remote Assistance

Every solution realized by Co.Mi. starts from our plant equipped with predictive maintenance systems, which allow our experts to remotely predict potential failures, providing support in the management and resolution of sudden breakdowns.

The machines are designed with alarm sensors and an intuitive interface. Placed on the equipment, the device can be customized according to the customer’s needs. Alarm signals can be sent to users on any type of device (tablet, pc, smartphone, HMI) to handle any type of eventuality.

A remote assistance system is essential to anticipate damages or other causes of shutdown. In addition, it is possible to schedule the “stop and go” of the plant or line without interrupting normal operation. Other benefits include the ability to monitor the quality of the plant’s life cycle over time, planning the selective replacement of faulty, defective or worn components.

The remote assistance service can be enabled at the discretion of the customer, who will benefit from numerous advantages. Our experts will be able to connect remotely to the PC/PLC, supporting the operators in troubleshooting, reducing downtime and avoiding unnecessary additional costs for on-site trips of our technicians.



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