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The single station can opener is a machine built specifically for the automatic opening of tinplate cans. This machine was born from the customers’ need to process the fresh product for the production of sauces. With this automatism we want to speed up the process, improve it technically and qualitatively, creating a real automated opening technology.

The machine is completely electric and uses the brushless motor which drives a recirculating screw to drive the cutting head. The blade works in phase with the rotation of the self-centering star controlled by a motor. Sheet metal cutting not only avoids the crash and splash phase of the product which could instead cause the application of a pneumatic cylinder, but also guarantees an increase in performance in terms of speed and efficiency.

The Co.Mi. can opener it also features an automated lid extraction system which then allows release into the wash chute which in turn is connected to a reject belt. After cutting, the lid is held by magnets designed to ensure its retention during the extraction phase. The machine features automatic washing at every point, guaranteeing complete automated cleaning that can be managed in its phases from the panel.



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