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Packaging refers to machine systems for palletizing and depalletizing and for accumulating lines of packages or unloading them.

The CO.MI range of robotic systems offers extraordinary levels of flexibility, both in terms of design and operation, for the food and non-food sectors.

The system features a robot that packs and prepares goods even in tight spaces quickly and precisely. It enables very high cycle times in the heavy-duty sector and is particularly versatile. It can be adapted to different heights and different tasks thanks to the mounting racks.

Palletizing and depalletizing systems are designed and built according to the required needs being very versatile machines suitable for empty cans, aerosols, empty bottles, full cans, full bottles. The transfer method is also variable, push, magnetic, or vacuum head, both bottom and top loading and both automatic and semi-automatic, can be adapted to all types of formats with high performance.



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