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Semi-telescopic fillers are fully automatic rotary volumetric machines designed for filling tinplate or glass containers. The structure is made entirely of AISI 304L steel, unlike the parts in contact with the product, which are made of AISI 316L. This type of machine is suitable for different formats and products ranging from legumes to vegetables and greens.

With semi-telescopic filling machines it is possible to process different products by means of volumetric dosing, such as: legumes, vegetables, fruit or even large pieces and pasta. The upper tank contains the product, the quantity of which is regulated by a suitable scale that allows the due feeding inside the same. The half-tubes placed in the area below during the volumetric dosing phase are closed on the product transfer side using a no-can-no-fil system. Once the semitelescope is filled, thus reaching the desired volume, through the opening of the application the transfer into the container takes place.

The operation of this type of machine is typical of traditional direct filling fillers, but also of special applications for filling cucumbers or products that require direct dosing.


The functioning of the traditional filler foresees the introduction of the product inside the upper disc where the diverters convey it to the direct filling area. The format is adjustable by modifying the box positioning seats and increasing the height. In the outlet area, a shaker eliminates excess product. Formats range from volumes of 28 up to 5000 ml. 

The machine is controlled by PLC, inverter and function switches and speed regulators. An electric panel with a touch panel allows control in all working phases.


The machine complies with the EC Machinery Directive. The quick and easy disassembly of the dosing station, the simple setting of the washing cycle, determines conditions of perfect sanitation.


  • PRODUCTS: Peeled tomatoes, peaches in cups, meatballs, olives, fruit, fruit cubes, jams, capers, dried fruit, spices

Each solution designed by Co.Mi. can be fully customized according to the production needs of the customer



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