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For the filling process, Co.Mi. srl proposes an automated mechanical system capable of introducing the desired product into a container - be it glass, metal or PET. Depending on the type of product, the machine will vary and will be suitable for its characteristics and for the processing to be carried out.
Filling machines may be rotary or linear, but all are characterized by high efficiency and performance.

Linear capsuling machines

Linear capping machines are machines designed for steam vacuum closing of glass jars and bottles with twist-off caps.
A linear capping machine has a structure made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and consists of a pick-up unit and a closing unit. The former has the function of isolating the single capsules by picking them up individually and introducing steam into the space between the jar and the cap.
Capsules are transported by belts and conveyed to the feeding area by means of an elevator. On the machine are placed sensors with the task of verifying the correct orientation of the capsules. In the closing system the capsule is pulled out and pre-sheeted in a vaporized space.
In the ultimate process, the steam present in the headspace of the jar, as it cools down, condenses and creates a vacuum inside. Depending on the format, the height of the machine, the width of the belts and the opening of the pick-up are adjusted.


For processes it intends a succession of facts or phenomena having among them a connection and that they determine the evolution - physical-chemical - of a product. A process, therefore, starts from a semi-finished product or raw material realizing, to arrive at a finished product or a new semi-finished product in a more advanced state and with a greater degree of completeness.


Co.Mi. is also a leader in the realization of palletizing and depalletizing machine systems, which allow to accumulate lines of packages or unload them. Ensuring excellent palletizing and depalletizing machines is of fundamental importance for companies, to guarantee the safety of the products and the speed of storage or shipment. A perfect storage of goods allows you to stay in line with the times of the market.

Complete Lines

The complete automatic lines are designed to improve the production process by increasing its efficiency.
All the line engineering solutions proposed by Co.Mi. foresee in the preliminary phase of the project an accurate analysis of the dynamics of accumulation, distribution and handling of the product, in order to guarantee a fluid and constant production flow.
The lines are composed of several sequential machines, structured according to the needs of the customer, are fully automatic with interchangeability in switching from one product to another. The use of a latest generation automation and control system, compatible with Industry 4.0 technology, and the provision of sophisticated sensors positioned in the most strategic points of the line allow to maintain high levels of machine performance in all phases of the production cycle.
In addition, the high level of automation of the plants makes it possible to optimize the use of raw materials, workforce and energy resources, promoting the social and environmental compatibility of the proposed solutions.

Emptying systems

The emptying systems are families of machines designed for the operation of emptying product or raw material for the purpose of an industrial process. These systems can be customized and vary according to the application to be carried out. They include those for emptying bins, which allow the introduction of the product into the washing area, or the can opening and tipping systems, which empty containers by starting the production process, such as that of ready-made sauces.

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