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Vacuum fillers are machines suitable for filling glass, metal or PET containers previously filled with solid products such as whole, sliced or diced vegetables, legumes, fruit, fish fillets or cheese pieces with the appropriate preserving product (tomato, oil, vinegar, brine, syrup, etc.).

The structure of a vacuum filler is made entirely of AISI 304L steel, unlike the parts in contact with the product, which are made of AISI 316L.

The filling machine is equipped with a vacuum system and by means of a PLC the necessary functions for the working cycle and its optimization are managed. The operator can adjust the height of the containment tank through reducers with special threaded rods.

During operation, the vessel rises automatically positioning itself under the valve where the vacuum will be carried out, allowing then the entrance of the liquid in all the free volume inside the container. The vacuum tank is connected to the pump, complete with vacuum gauge, hatch for washing and drain valve.

The vacuum valves are actuated by means of a rotating or pneumatic contact.

At the end of the operation, the containers are conveyed from the outlet conveyor to the capping machine.

The operating phases are

  • vacuum phase
  • filling
  • vacuum interruption by contact with air

The machine complies with the EC Machinery Directive. The quick and easy disassembly of the dosing station, the simple setting of the washing cycle determines conditions of perfect sanitation.


  • PRODUCTS: oil, water, tomato, syrups

Each solution designed by Co.Mi. can be fully customized according to the production needs of the customer



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