The stages of success

The evolution of Co.Mi.

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The laboratory machines

In 1957, in the heart of the Agro Nocerino-Sarnese, in Sant'Egidio del Monte Albino, began the story of the laboratory managed by the fathers of Antonio Coppola and Giuseppe Miraglia. Industrial machines are assembled and disassembled, parts are repaired and spare parts are replaced. The climate is cozy and familiar, no one could have imagined the escalation of the years to come. In this debut there is all the knowledge of the trade that fathers cultivate and pass on to their children. The knowledge of gears, the functioning of the machines and the ability to repair are the cornerstones that will make Co.Mi. one day a great reality.

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CO.MI born

In the year 2000, the fathers of the two managers dissolved the company they had established years ago with other partners and with which they were involved in the maintenance of industrial machinery. When the company was dissolved, the two young sons decided to strengthen their partnership and to venture alone into a new entrepreneurial story. In January of the new millennium, Coppola and Miraglia inherited a small local business from their old experience, but both were daydreaming. They don't just want to repair and replace parts, they want to conceive, design and build those machines.

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CO.MI. creates the first industrial machines

The turning point came with the opportunity to participate in Cibus Tec in Parma, in October 2001, one of the most important international trade fairs, where all sectors of the food and beverage industry exhibit the most innovative food technology. Antonio and Giuseppe design their first two industrial machines, getting millions in debt. Co.Mi. begins to make a name for itself and at the beginning of 2002 manages to sell the first models of machines made for Cibus Tec. They will be the first of other 600 solutions sold and exported all over the world (South America, Turkey, Greece, Russia, North America) from 2001 until today.

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The first vibrating cone filling machine is launched on the market

After years of experience, Co.Mi. designs and manufactures for a leading company in the production of pickles and vegetables the first vibrating cone filler, one of the few solutions on the market able to process eggplants in strips. This is the result of an increasingly accurate and responsive to customer needs. A solution that guarantees the accuracy of manual filling, with the added value of a very high speed and precision processing. This is how the story of Co.Mi. and its vocation to read the needs of customers continues, offering personalized and futuristic solutions.

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CO.MI. renews itself and looks to the future

The new Co.Mi plant is born in via Albanese 16, in Sant'Egidio del Monte Albino, in the province of Salerno. From a small nucleus of five employees, the company now has twenty-nine. A young and motivated team, which can be appreciated by visiting the company. A group that today works in an avant-garde headquarters, with spaces designed ad hoc for each function and responsibility. In fact, Co.Mi. has chosen to focus on its operators, the real beating heart of the company. Between the managers of the first hour and the new employees who have joined the staff, the staff of Co.Mi. is the soul of a young and dynamic production reality.

We are genius

Creativity, expertise and passion are the secret ingredients to build our ingenious machines.

We are a winning team

In Co.MI teamwork is a fundamental aspect to reach important and prestigious goals

We are in step with the times

Affrontiamo ogni giorno delle sfide, il futuro appartiene a quelli che non si stancano mai di innovare e stupire.

The new CO.MI was born.

The new production center is inaugurated with a conference on "Agro 4.0, the third time of industry in the South".
The founding members, Antonio Coppola and Giuseppe Miraglia, in the company of employees and numerous guests including local entrepreneurs and representatives of Confindustria (Italian Manufacturers’ Association), did the honors.



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