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The complete automatic lines are designed to improve the production process by increasing its efficiency.

All the line engineering solutions proposed by Co.Mi. foresee in the preliminary phase of the project an accurate analysis of the dynamics of accumulation, distribution and handling of the product, in order to guarantee a fluid and constant production flow.

The lines are composed of several sequential machines, structured according to the needs of the customer, are fully automatic with interchangeability in switching from one product to another. The use of a state-of-the-art automation and control system, compatible with Industry 4.0 technology, and the provision of sophisticated sensors positioned in the most strategic points of the line allow to maintain high levels of machine performance in all phases of the production cycle.

In addition, the high level of automation of the plants makes it possible to optimize the use of raw materials, workforce and energy resources, promoting the social and environmental compatibility of the proposed solutions.



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