Co.Mi. is a qualified reference point for emergencies and not only. In fact, our team of technicians is able to organize a maintenance plan for industries, establishing on-site diagnostic visits to check lines and equipment.

Co.Mi. is specialized both in ordinary maintenance interventions – such as production stop and restart activities, format changes, greasing and machine maintenance – and in extraordinary maintenance, more in-depth and incisive agreed with the company to be carried out during a shutdown.

At the end of each inspection, Co.Mi. will release a complete list of recommended spare parts and interventions, providing support in the planning of corrective maintenance, according to the stops scheduled by the customer.

The diagnostic process allows the customer to have clear and reliable data on the interventions to be carried out urgently and the others to be scheduled in a longer period of time, based on a technical documentation and an evaluation of the plant status. This analysis also allows a better management of the budget for the “maintenance” item, thanks to a clear definition of the costs indicated by our team. 



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