The spearhead of Co.Mi. is the ability to design innovative solutions that meet the needs of customers. The technical department is constantly engaged in the study and development of cutting-edge technology systems. Experience blends with the excellence of Made in Italy engineering, confirming Co.Mi. as a leading company for the Food and Beverage industry.

Located in the heart of the land of red gold, Co.Mi is a privileged reference point in the processing of tomatoes, also boasting designs and patents throughout the food sector both in the filling and in the process phase.

Thanks to its twenty years of experience, Co.Mi. is able to design and produce customized systems suitable for any kind of specification. The complete lines offer high quality integrated solutions that guarantee efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The latest frontier of analysis concerns the science of materials, which allows Co.Mi. experts to design new solutions with innovative and non-impacting elements in contact with food products.

“Zero contamination” is the main objective of the studies of the company’s engineers, who are always committed to finding new answers to the challenge of filling and transferring food products while preventing the migration of foreign substances.

Co.Mi. takes care of its customers, listening to their requests, studying and designing turnkey solutions, guaranteeing fast delivery times. From design to delivery, Co.Mi. accompanies industries that wish to invest in the improvement of production lines.



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