Mobile Service Unit

Co.Mi. offers the possibility for industries to make use of its qualified technicians for on-site interventions. Co.Mi.’s operators work alongside the customer’s work team, at the same time providing training for the operating group, with a view to the continuous improvement of human resources.

This service is particularly effective for companies subject to production peaks, with equipment subjected to stress from significant and seasonal use, alternating with long periods of inactivity.

The assistance of the mobile unit consists in the timely intervention in case of breakdowns or blocks of production lines. Co.Mi.’s technicians control and monitor the maintenance work of the on-site operators, indicating the best solutions for a quick restoration.  

The customer can take advantage of perfectly calibrated systems and lines. Moreover, the intervention of an expert technician will guarantee high performance and optimal levels of production efficiency. The competence of highly trained personnel allows the best conservation of production plants, significantly lengthening their life cycle.



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