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Vibration fillers are linear or rotary machines that allow product filling by means of fully automatic auxiliary vibration, designed for tinplate or glass containers. The structure is made entirely of AISI 304L steel, unlike the parts in contact with the product, which are made of AISI 316L.

With vibrating fillers it is possible to process various products, even those of particular shape or workmanship, such as sliced eggplants, dried tomatoes and cucumbers, including a wide range of foods that traditionally can be difficult to fill. The product is conveyed by means of a special elevator or shaker into the upper tank where, by means of a system of deviators, it is led towards the filling area. The vibration system allows and helps to correctly and cleanly channel the product into the container.

The machine is controlled by PLC, inverters and function switches and speed regulators. An electric panel with touch panel allows the control in all working phases.

The machine complies with the EC Machinery Directive. The quick and easy disassembly of the dosing station, the simple setting of the washing cycle, determines conditions of perfect sanitation.


  • PRODUCTS: Filleted eggplant, cucumbers, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, dry baba for bagna

Each solution designed by Co.Mi. can be fully customized according to the production needs of the customer



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